• We are Australia’s leading manufacturer of liquid filling machines


About Us

Established in 1980, Asset Packaging Machines has manufactured over 7,000 packaging machines which have been deployed in Australia.

We produce high quality stainless steel liquid filling systems that have a reputation for product excellence and very precise filling accuracy levels of +/- 0.5%, or better.

Extensive experience, strong pre-sales design of manufacturing systems, including site specification and comprehensive testing ensure that the solutions we recommend and build work well.

Installations are completed by our service technicians and we provide training free of charge along with operation manuals and a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Our machines are proven to be relatively easy to operate which assists with ongoing staff motivation, training and safety.

Our customers are large multinational organisations, national and regional manufacturers, system integrators, smaller family businesses and start-up companies.


What We Do

Technical Design

Every new site undergoes a technical design phase, where our sales and technical teams work with customers to understand the environment that the machinery will working in, noting any physical requirements or constraints and understanding the types of liquids, containers and closures that will be used in the planned manufacturing processes.


Manufacture & Installation

We manufacture all our machines in Sydney to high quality standards. All systems are built and extensively tested prior to dispatch to customer sites.

Installations are completed by our service technicians and we provide training free of charge and a provide a comprehensive 12-month warranty.


Customer Service

We respond quickly to our customer’s needs with technical service available by phone, email and if required with site visits. We recognise that manufacturing downtime at our customers sites is expensive and best avoided.

We hand craft components to a high standard and keep an extensive supply of spare parts available for customers, should the need arise.

Reconditioning and refurbishment of our machines can also be completed as required


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